Redmi 9 – A Review of Its Performance and Design


Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power can be a perfect companion for a busy lifestyle. This phone is loaded with a host of handy features and is equipped with a powerful dual camera setup on its back. The Redmi 9 has been crafted from the most cutting edge mobile phone technology and has been powered by a pair of high performance A7 processors. If you’re looking for a phone that can take all your communication, business as well as entertainment needs one up, then this is probably the phone for you. redmi 9

With a body that is compact and long, the Redmi 9 promises to be an interesting proposition for all the multi tasking that we do every day. The phone comes with a neat home key which sits neatly behind the touch display. All the power and charm is housed in this charming key that blends effortlessly into the overall aesthetics of the device. The Redmi 9 comes with a nice pair of earphones which are not too dissimilar to those found on the iPhone. The earphones do not have any volume control facility but suffice to say they deliver quality sound.

The dual-core processor that powers the Redmi 9 allows it to make full use of the available RAM. It is quite impressive to note that despite being a high-end device, the Redmi 9 utilizes only 1GB of RAM which makes it far more affordable than its competitors. The lack of RAM does come at a cost though as the xiaomi redmi 9 comes with a rather slow processor which has been reported to lag considerably during heavy tasks. The battery life of the phone is also not the best as it lasts for just three hours on a single charge.

Under the hood of the Redmi 9 is what is perhaps one of the best processors available in the market – the quad-core Helio G80 Octa-Core processor from chip maker ARM. This is the same processor used in devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This powerful processor enables the redmi 9 to process information at a rate of five times faster than regular phones which is incredible when you consider how powerful the application software on these devices are. The octa-core processor manages to combine power with speed which is vital when running demanding software.

With the power and speed of the octa-core processor under its belt, the redmi 9 also comes with fourGB of built-in memory which is the same amount as the iPhone and iPad. The large amount of memory enables the user to easily edit, manage and backup all their data via the SD card which can be inserted using the micro USB port. The only minor disappointment with the device was the absence of a micro SD card reader. Other features such as a dual camera system, MMS and HD video support along with Bluetooth connectivity complete the package. Connectivity has always been an issue with the iPhone and many users were concerned that the presence of an external camera might compromise the quality of the videos captured.

The camera on the redmi 9 is relatively large which may leave some feeling disappointed, but this is largely offset by the excellent photo quality and facial recognition features that the device offers. Face recognition is one of the most advanced on any smartphone and works extremely well in the photos used for online reviews. For those taking their smartphones more seriously, the ability to take high quality and high resolution pictures while also improving clarity and photo editing capabilities make this device all the more desirable. The 4GB of memory provided is sufficient for most apps but do not expect to go over thirty songs without the need for additional space. If you use your smartphone for serious work and want everything to be perfect, the redmi 9 is ideal.