How To Choose A Smartphone

First it was organizers that were the rage. It was a must have to be with the in-crowd. Then it was the best mobile phone with all the features, now its smartphones with as many features as possible!

So what can smartphones do?

1. Make and receive phone calls

2. Organize your personal data; such as appointments, memos, and tasks

3. Send and receive email

4. View websites (mobile formatted websites are best)

5. View and/or edit MS Office documents

6. View Acrobat files (PDF documents)

7. Take photographs

8. View pictures,

9. Take/view videos,

10. MP3 player

11. Login to office networks,

12. GPS units.

A few Smartphones are capable of doing all the above. The advantage is that it allows you to switch between life and work. One moment you can be checking your emails and the next you can take a photograph or be watching a video! There are many practical uses. Using a Smartphone means you can have a phone, PC, camera, video player, MP3 player all in one. Some engineers are finding these invaluable as they can take photos of faulty parts and email the pictures to their technical departments. oppo f17 pro

What should you look for when choosing a Smartphone?

(1) Check the coverage maps. Your network coverage is important. Not all networks provide good coverageTraveling overseas? Use a GSM-based network. Then prepaid SIM cards can be used in different countries..

(2) WiFi is useful specially if you use hot spots often.

(3) QWERTY keyboards are useful for checking emails.

(4) Check your data plans carefully. Prices vary a great deal.

(5) The applications you can use will be determined by the Operating system.

(6) Some smartphones support memory expansion.

(7) 3G will speed up web browsing and email.

(8) Check the connectivity – Bluetooth, USB, Infrared, and Wi-Fi

Now, it is important to work out what features are vital for your work and leisure use of your Smartphone. Then check out the reviews and choose your phone!