Hotels Rooms For Free? Where? When? Why?

Why don’t you take a spectacular trip somewhere this weekend or next? You can leave the kids with their grandparents, and you and the spouse can get away from it all for three days and two nights! Oh, the bad economy, and financial struggles got you down? Don’t worry; just get a deal where you can have a hotel room by only paying the taxes on the room? Haven’t you heard this great insider news? Well, allow me to explain. 성남룸싸롱

There are many resorts and hotels, all over the world actually, that have some vacancies from time to time. Rather than leave those rooms vacant, which is a waste, they would rather have somebody in them. Even if it is a family that isn’t paying anything other than the taxes! Why would they want to give a room away? Well, because you still may eat a few meals in the restaurants, and you might buy a drink or two by the pool, at the great Tiki bar! If you do take the kids, they may buy a few things in the gift shop, and they may spend a few coins in the game room!

Maybe the hotel where you will only be paying the tax on the room will have a spa or salon where the wife will get a facial and the husband may have a massage! The possibilities are endless, but the hotels and resorts know that it is pointless to have an empty room! There are clubs and certain members only places, where for a very small annual fee, you can get this inside information about free hotel stays, and all you pay for them is the tax on the room!