Dating Women – Surprises For Men When Dating Women

When you’re dating women, you never know what to expect. Every woman is different. Don’t expect a new relationship to be like the old one. Still, dating women doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. Unfortunately, some basic things that don’t change from woman to woman often come as surprises to men.

Women Can Be Moody

Some women are more moody than others. If you’re dating women, you’ll know women who cry at a drop of a hat and others who never cry. That goes for other things, too. Some women naturally complain a lot. Some whine all the time. Some get mad at you every day. Others only get upset when they have a reason to be. Want to know the surprise? It’s not related to “their time of the month.” Yes, women get more moody around that then, but they can be in bad moods every other day of the month, too. And it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you. Of course, it could have everything to do with you. When you’re the dating women the worst way to deal with moodiness is to say, “You’re on your period, aren’t you?” It’ll only lead to bad things. Don’t assume. Instead, ask what’s wrong.

Women Like Their Independence หนังโป๊

Dating women can sometimes be a roller coaster ride into feminism for men who know nothing about what women expect. Sometimes, she’ll be perfectly happy to let you hold open the door for her and pay the check. If you’ve been dating awhile, you might be surprised when she suddenly doesn’t want you to pay for something. When you’re dating women, you’ll realize that most women have some kind of “feminist streak” and it can strike at random times when you’re not expecting it. Respect her boundaries. Some ways women like to demonstrate their independence include:

*Picking up the tab sometimes
*Paying their own bills

Birth Control is Not 100 Percent

If you use birth control, you can still get her pregnant. You can use condoms that aren’t broken and get her pregnant. When you’re dating women, she can take the pill at the same time every day and still get pregnant. Birth control reduces the chances, but they’re not eradicated. One other thing: buy the condoms, especially if she’s buying other control methods. If you don’t trust her, double up – and question why you’re dating women you don’t trust.

Women Don’t Like to Be In Relationships They Feel Aren’t Going Anywhere

Even if you’re dating women who don’t want to be married, the woman you’re dating still doesn’t want to be in a dead-end relationship. If you’re in a relationship, you can be sure the woman you’re dating wants to know you’re goals for the relationship. When you’re dating, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, discuss where you want the relationship to go. It’s your responsibility to bring it up, men run away when women want to discuss the relationship.