Angel Investors 101

In the age of instant downloads and mass music and video files available at the click of a mouse, many say I want an Angel Investment Directory – Where Can I Download One? However, there are few (if any) angel investor directories available for free download. While many files and databases can be accessed for free without a purchase or membership to any site, investor databases are almost always purchased because the database is constructed through hundreds of hours of research and has to be vetted to ensure the angel is in fact an angel investor and not a mutual fund or some other unrelated contact. 757 angel number

I know this from personal experience, I worked with a team to develop a rather large collection of angels and included contact details including: angel investor firm name, primary contact name, physical location, phone number, fax, and email address. As you might expect, this was an incredibly time-consuming and costly task for us. But that is the value of an investor database, we did the work so that you never have to sort through thousands of investors to find the one that works for you. Although we’d love to offer a free angel database to help out small businesses and entrepreneurs get financing, it would be impossible because a database requires constant updating and hundreds of hours of paid research by our staff.

You may come across fake databases or actual databases of angel investors available for free download or as shared files. But the redistribution is very much illegal and could put you in legal troubles if you are involved in such a transaction. Plus, then you wouldn’t be able to receive the updates that ensure that the quality of the database is sustained. So, you’re better off spending the money on a high-quality database.